Three Types of Kitchen Lighting Design

A good kitchen lighting design can make an ordinary kitchen look stunning and attractive. Lighting is a prominent thing in every room of the house, not to mention the kitchen. Today’s kitchen is not only used to cook food. These days, many people like to stay and have a small talk in a comfortable kitchen. Some also do other activities such as reading or study in their kitchens.

Because of those reasons, a well-lighted kitchen is a must in every house. There are many types of lighting design that you can use in your kitchen. You can choose the one that can appropriately fit in your kitchen. You can even make a creative combination of the different types of the Kitchen lighting design.

Kitchen Lighting Design:General.

This type of lighting design needs to install the source of the main light in any space the kitchen ceiling. The important thing is that the light is bright enough to lighten the room or the specific spaces. People usually install it on the central of the room. This is the most general way of installing the light to illuminate your kitchen. It would be best if you place it around the perimeter of the room. About 30” from the kitchen wall.

Kitchen lighting Design: Down Lights.

This type of lighting can be easily installed. You can just place it exactly where you what it to spread the light and illuminate things. It will fit perfectly with a kitchen with a low ceiling.The different levels of lights could give different depth and dramatic feeling to your kitchen space. You can also save some energy by dimming the light. The down light could distribute the light to the area below.

Kitchen lighting Design: Task Lighting.

Exactly like the name, this kind of light is placed in such way that they lighten only the task area. The areas that usually required a well lighted of task lighting are above the cooker and the oven. If your kitchen is well lighted by the sunshine in the daylight, you only need to turn on the task lighting at dusk to early morning or night. This type of kitchen lighting design will give a sufficient task lighting while also give a decorative touch of your own style.

The three types of the kitchen lighting design mentioned above can be your ideas in designing your lovely kitchen. Each of them has their own strength and weakness, as long as you can make the maximal use of the strength point, you can create your awesome lighting design in your kitchen.

Good kitchen lighting design is needed to beauty your kitchen. Here are 3 kitchen lighting designs for your kitchen.

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