Top 5 Shower Room Floor Covering Choices

Deciding on washroom floor is actually much various coming from selecting floor covering in various other component of your home. Once you get past commonalities including sturdiness, looks, as well as expense, you have to deal with one aspect that is located in nothing else area apart from the basement: huge quantities of water.

Water is prevalent in shower rooms and also it are going to swiftly destroy the wrong floor. With that said consideration, from best to worst, your floor covering alternatives for the washroom:

1. Ceramic or even Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is actually the most effective of all planets for washroom flooring, as it is waterproof, stylish, and also economical.

Like stone, ceramic tile may accomplish a rich, textured, solid sensation. Like vinyl fabric, it is water-proof and is reasonably affordable. Like hardwood floor, it looks terrific.

But should you select porcelain or even ceramic tile? Porcelain becomes part of the ceramic tile family with one slight variation: water absorption rate. The Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA) approves kinds of tile as “porcelain” if they have a water absorption fee of 0.5% or even less.

There is actually less of a requirement to purchase porcelain ceramic tiles because there are no showering centers if this is actually an one-half shower room or grain area.


You can easily create the particular flooring you really want given that there are actually so many different kinds of ceramic tiles. You can even locate ceramic floor tile that looks like lumber or even rock.

Private ceramic tile can be found in a wide variety of size and shapes, coming from square and rectangle-shaped to hexagonal and also octagonal in shape. Smaller sized mosaic tiles are actually pre-mounted on plastic mesh sheets, thus you perform certainly not need to individually specify each ceramic tile. Along with shaded cement, you could be much more innovative.

Most importantly, tile cleans up properly and fearlessly resists also remaining pools of water.


Like stone, tile is actually cold. However, warmed or glowing floor tile may be set under the floor tile.

Damp tile is slippery. But texturing fixes that trouble. Smaller floor tiles are less unsafe considering that even more grout is actually made use of and the grout functions as a non-skid surface.

2. Vinyl Fabric Sheet, Plank, or even Tile

Along with practical really good appeals and supreme usefulness, plastic has been actually a prominent choice for shower room floor for years.

Slab plastic floor covering is your finest alternative if excessive quantities of water are actually expected, including in kids’s restrooms or utility room. Sheet vinyl fabric may have as couple of as absolutely no joints in a tiny restroom due to the fact that it happens in sizable sizes. Deluxe plastic plank floor, an increasingly popular option, is available in slim widths (concerning 5 ins) as well as lengthy durations (as much as 48 inches).


Most vinyl floor covering is actually very much a do-it-yourself work. There are thousands of design alternatives accessible considering that plastic is actually so popular.


Gapped as well as inadequately imposed joints are floor deadlies. Plastic flooring is actually only just as good as its joints.

Piece vinyl is actually complicated for the do-it-yourselfer to install.

3. Natural Stone

Natural stone is actually a really good selection for restroom, but simply if you can easily afford it. There are few humidity problems along with marble, marble, limestone, as well as the other rock floor covering possibilities.


Organic stone is actually hard, sturdy, and visually pleasing. Stone floor covering come backs great reselling value.


Rock floor may be cold and slippery. Temperature could be dealt with through installing radiant heat. The lapse factor may be reduced through having actually the rock textured along with sandblasting or by buying naturally distinctive rock, like slate.

One problem that has a tendency to take down shower room floor covering alternative down is higher price. True rock flooring is actually without a doubt your most expensive flooring choice.

4. Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is far better than solid wood under higher wetness disorders due to its own dimensional reliability.


Engineered hardwood has a plyboard base that delays effectively versus dampness. As well as it appears authentically like lumber because the best layer is true timber.

Crafted hardwood is the finest selection if you prefer to have natural hardwood in a washroom.


Any type of type of hardwood item, no matter just how well shielded, is prone to ruin in restrooms.

5. Laminate Flooring

Amazingly, laminate floor is a better washroom floor covering option than strong wood. Laminate flooring disappears than resin-impregnated newspaper atop a wood potato chip base. The surface area of laminate slab is actually a photograph of maple, cherry, slate, marble, or even any other hardwood or stone. Ahead is actually a crystal clear coat called the wear coating, which is actually exceptionally strong. DuPont RealTouch, as an example, warrants the damage level on its product line of laminate flooring for 30 years.


If you take safety measures to secure the wood foundation from humidity, Laminate can function in washrooms. With precarious joints between the slabs, it is complicated for moisture to function its own way downward.

Laminate is actually simple to clean, also. However laminate still possesses that timber potato chip foundation. Should it happen to possess exposure to dampness, it will broaden and blister, and the only means to correct it is actually to tear it out.


Really water-proof laminate floor covering is a suggestion that has actually certainly not however pertained to success even though a number of producers have actually made an effort.

The Worst Bathroom Flooring Options

  • Carpeting: Because carpets keeps humidity for as long, it usually tends to dry out gradually within the limited areas of washrooms. This creates rug an inadequate floor selection for restrooms. Nevertheless, if you carry out prefer to have rug in the shower room, are sure the pile is actually low and also the product is actually 100% not natural, like olefin or even nylon.
  • Strong Hardwood: Except for its top finish, sound hardwood has no defense against dampness. Even the tiniest amount of dampness that operates its means right into the timber will ultimately rot it out. Simply a little much better than rug, strong hard wood looks great as well as thinks warm and comfortable under shoe. If you definitely do really want strong wood in your bathroom, guarantee it is actually flawlessly mounted, with zero spaces for moisture. This suggests specialist choosing installers. It also suggests site-finishing your wood. Accomplishing this floodings the joints between the boards with covering, efficiently obstructing moisture transfer from the top edge.

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